Hey, Hi, Hello!

Thanks for stopping in. Seriously. This shop is something I've always been encouraged to do, but never had the courage to start myself. I feel so special that you're here checking out my creations! 

My name is Allie Marie. I'm a 25 year old dog mom with a soul that just itches to run free. Enter quarantine 2020, and my isolated, socially distanced self started going crazy. Then I remembered that I love working with my hands. Quite literally in any shape and form. I love creating beautiful things, and truly believe that beauty is unlimited, just waiting to be found wherever we look for it. 

I grabbed some yarn and a crochet hook, and it was like all of my creativity came rushing back to me in a wave of relief! Shortly after, I found my way back to my sewing machine, and it wasn't much longer before my home seemed to be overflowing with projects. 

KnottedxAMR will act as a culmination of my personal favorites. A place to find homes for the goodies that bring me the most joy, as well as an excuse to try making and learning new things. Happy Shopping!