Why Choose Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is a big topic. like huge. Global clothing consumption in 2019 alone reached 62 million metric tons. That's over 136 billion pounds, so its no question that the fasion industry is one of our earth's largest pollutors. 

It doesn't stop with environmental impacts. Industry practices such as fast fashion also exploit overseas workers to raise profits, while leaving employees to deal with minimal pay, hazardous conditions, and extrenuous labor hours. Mean!

To help combat this, I'm determined to make my shop as ecofriendly as possible. I've dedicated myself to using natural fibers as often as I can, and made the commitment to store and ship my products in 100% curbside recyclable packaging! No plastic here!

By choosing to shop small, you've made the choice to combat this as well! I seriously can't thank you enough for visiting my page. And again, Happy Shopping!